What’s your message?
May I help you define it, write it, show and tell it?

Who is your audience?
May I help you create the graphics, write the copy –and basically – help you get the word out about your product or service to the peoplethat matter most?

Creative Marketing Solutions
For several decades, I've produced creative solutions for a wide range ofclients in a wide variety of roles – including – graphic designer, copywriter,illustrator, photographer, storyboard artist, marketing strategist,publicist, one-person ad agency/design firm, songwriter/entertainer andcommunications specialist.

For more than 10 years on staff at the Universityof Colorado Boulder, I've created communications solutions that have raisedmoney, honored alumni, attracted students to programs and audiences to talksand theater performances.

My copywriting, graphics and photos have been usedin posters, tweets, posts, web pages, broadcast emails, books, film and video(animated pieces), collateral and press packages.

My photos have appeared in the NY Times, Boulder'sDaily Camera and various campus publications and websites.

I've art directed and edited full-color alumnimagazines and created the posters, graphics, copywriting, emails and strategiesthat have helped attract audiences to dozens of events,academic programs and presentations.

Is there more?
Well, yes! I am also a performing artist – singer, songwriter, pianist, poet, spoken word artist and actor. (I am a company member and assistant director of  Boulder Playback Theatre where audience member's true life stories become instant theatre played back by a team of actors.)

A client once hired me to lead 600 sales reps in asing-along that highlighted the benefits of their laboratory instruments! Iwrote the music, lyrics and performed it at a national sales meeting for FisherScientific. My musical presentation was a huge contrast with two days of PowerPoint talks.

Perhaps I can help you add some theatricalspontaneity to your next event?

For more information about my work, todiscuss opportunities, or just say hello, feel free to get in touch.

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